Valère Burnon performs with the Philharmonic Orchestra Bremerhaven

We are delighted to welcome the winner of the 17th European Piano Competition Bremen - Valère Burnon - back to Bremen in the coming season! He will present himself as a soloist in the Philharmonic Orchestra’s symphony concerts on 3, 4 and 5 October 2022 at the Stadttheater Bremerhaven under the baton of Davide Perniceni and will introduce to the audience Edvard Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A minor op. 16!


Kiron Atom Tellian back at the Sendesaal Bremen

We always like to think back to the last European Piano Competition Bremen in July last year - great young pianists presented themselves in the Sendesaal Bremen and brought us excellent piano music in three competition rounds. Now Kiron Atom Tellian - the youngest semi-finalist - returns to Bremen and, at the invitation of the Sendesaal, will play a solo concert in the series “saltarello - Ausnahmetalente im Sendesaal” on Friday, 18 March at 8:00 pm. Do not miss it!



Happy New Year!

The year is still young, but the team of the European Piano Competition Bremen is already busy planning for the future. The Corona pandemic situation, which is still very unpredictable, continues to challenge us in many ways, but we are optimistic that we will be able to publish new information here soon. Stay tuned!


And the winner is...

The European Piano Competition Bremen 2021 is over and these are our winners:

Valère Burnon - 1st Prize
Lukas Sternath - 2nd Prize
Aleksandr Zakharov - 3rd Prize
Lukas Sternath - Audience Award, this year awarded by pupils

In addition, the following special prizes were awarded:
Valère Burnon - Prize for the best interpretation of the compulsory piece of music (Matan Porat: “Bursting Light”)
Kiron Atom Tellian - Special Award for the youngest semifinalist
Anna Khomichko - Special Award or the excellent interpretation of a piece of music by a woman composer

Congratulations to all prize winners!

We sincerely thank all sponsors and prize donors of this year’s competition:

Die Sparkasse Bremen, Heinz Peter und Annelotte Koch-Stiftung, Waldemar Koch Stiftung, Karin und Uwe Hollweg-Stiftung, Familie Saacke, Familie Osmers, Bremer Tageszeitungen AG, Internationaler Arbeitskreis Frau und Musik e.V.


Congratulation to the Finalists

Congratulation to the finalists of the European Piano Competition Bremen 2021:

Valère Burnon
Lukas Sternath
Aleksandr Zakharov

Schedule for the final round on 18th July:
16:00-16:30 Valère Burnon - soloprogramme
16:30-17:00 Lukas Sternath - soloprogramme
17:00-17:30 Aleksandr Zakharov - soloprogramme

Break 17:30-19:00

Opening 19:00
19:15-20:00 Valère Burnon
20:15-21:00 Lukas Sternath
21:15-22:00 Aleksandr Zakharov

ca. 22:30 awards ceremony


The competition in livestream

The 17th European Piano Competition Bremen has been running since 12.07.2021. Join the fever LIVE!
Click here for the stream:

We welcome in the 3rd round:
Wednesday, 14.07.2021
15:00-16:10 - Jonas Stark
16:30-17:40 - Anna Khomichko
18:00-19:10 - Valère Burnon
19:30-20:40 - Danilo Mascetti

Thursday, 15.07.2021
15:00-16:10 - Kiron Atom Tellian
16:30-17:40 - Lukas Sternath
18:00-19:10 - Aleksandr Zakharov

This year you will only find out the results of the 3rd round in our online networks. Shortly after the decisions have been made, you can find the current schedule for the next round here.


Congratulations - the participants of the 2nd round.

We would like to thank 46 participants who took part in the 1st round. This was held online. The jury has now judged this round, which took place at a very impressive level!
We are happy to welcome the following participants* to the 2nd round in Bremen on 11.7.2021 (in alphabetical order):

Valère Burnon,
Guillaume Durand Piketty,
Zulfat Fakhraziev,
Ivan Galic,
Anna Khomichko,
Georg Kjurdian,
Danilo Mascetti,
Emil Reinert,
Jonas Stark,
Lukas Sternath,
Kiron Atom Tellian,
Aleksander Zakharov

We would like to thank all participants for submitting their videos!
We would be very happy if you followed the competition via the social channels on Instagram, Facebook and youtube of the Landesmusikrat Bremen. The live stream of the Schubert round, the semifinal and the final will also be available there.


European Piano Comeptition Bremen started

We are very pleased that the European Piano Competition Bremen 2020/21 has now started. The 1st round will be held online.

We welcome for this 1st round:

Abdelmoula, Jean-Selim - *1991 - Switzerland Alcaraz, Julie - *1990 - France
Baden, Valeria - *1998 - Ukraina
Burnon, Valère - *1998 - Belgium
Cassiers, Anaïs - *1999 - Belgium
Chenorkian, Alexandre - *1994 - France
Churbanova, Anastasia - *1992 - Russland
Durand Piketty, Guillaume - *1995 - France
Eidukonis, Augustinas - *1995 - Litauen
Fakhraziev, Zulfat - *1991 - Russia
Galić, Ivan - *1994 - Croatia
Gallavardin, Jodyline - *1992 - France
Gehring, Fabian - *1991- Germany
Goniarski, Juliusz - *1994 - Polen
Hajduk-Rynkowicz, Anna - *1990 - Poland
Katter, Lukas - *1997 - Austria
Khomichko, Anna - *1991 - Russia
Kjurdian, Georg - *1994 - Lettland
Korsunenko, Kyrill - *1991 - Ukraina Kowal, Piotr - *1991 - Poland
Langer, Maximilian - *1994 - Germany
Manea, Mihaela - *1996 - Rumania Mascetti, Danilo - *1992- Italy
Misztal, Marta - *1997 - Poland
Motorenko, Yevhenii - *1999 - Ukraina
Muidinov, Muzaffar - *1993 - Russia
Orlando, Francesca - *1995 - Italy
Redor, Luc - *1992 - France
Reinert, Emil - *1994 - Germany
Ritter, Tomasz - *1995 - Poland
Saienko, Danylo - *1991- Ukraine
Schütz, Bella - *2002 - France
Semenina, Sofia - *1997 - Russia
Siegle, Clara - *2000 - Germany
Stark, Jonas - *1998 - Germany
Sternath, Lukas - *2001- Austria
Sung, Linhan - *1994 - Germany
Tellian, Kiron Atom - *2002 - Austria
Vlachodimitris, Stamatis - *1994 - Greece
Vladimirov, Timofei - *2001 - Russia
Vorontsov, Alexander - *1995 - Russia
Weidemann, Sophia - *1994 - Germany
Wu, Yang - *1992 - Schwitzerland
Zakharov, Aleksandr - *1999 - Russia
Zha, Johann - *2003 - Österreich
Zvyagin, Konstantin - *1990 - Russia

We wish all participants every success.

The participants of the 2nd round will be determined on 1 June 2021. The competition will be held in Bremen from 12 July 2021 and the 2nd round in presence, provided the current pandemic situation allows this.


New schedule for the European Piano Competition

Pandemic permitting, the second round of the competition will take place in person. Whether with audience or only streamed, time will tell.

Further plans are as follows: 12th /13th July „Schubert Round“ at Sendesaal Bremen 14th/15th July Semifinal at Sendesaal Bremen 18th July Final Round with a string quartett of the Bremen Philharmonic Orchestra at Sendesaal Bremen


Changes in 1st round

Dear participants of the EKWB 2021, dear audience, The times in the pandemic are difficult and exhausting, especially for artists. We have to be ready for a lot of flexibility and creativity in these months. As the pandemic situation in Bremen, Germany and Europe remains uncertain, the main committee and the artistic direction of the competition have decided on the following changes from the originally planned schedule:

The 1st round will be conducted online. The participants will send in a video of at least 20 minutes, maximum 30 minutes. There is one change regarding the programme requirements for the 1st round: Item 3 (a work created after 1970) IS OMITTED!

The jury will view and judge all videos and admit 12 participants to the 2nd round (“Schubert round”). If possible, the competition should take place in Bremen from the 2nd round onwards. These decisions will be announced on the competition homepage on 1 June.

If pandemic conditions permit, the European Piano Competition Bremen is to be held in Presence in the Sendesaal Bremen from 12.7.2021. The final will take place on 18.7.2021.
Further details will be announced here in due course.


New competition conditions due to the CoVid19 pandemic

Dear participants of the European Piano Competition Bremen,
dear guests and interested people,
due to the current security situation in context with the CoVid19 pandemic, the artistic direction is planning the 17th European Piano Competition, which, as previously announced, will take place from 10-21 July 2021. Since we assume that a large instrumentation for a symphony orchestra will not be possible in summer 2021, there will be fundamental changes for the final round. Reluctantly, due to the circumstances, we have decided to modify the regulations for the final round so that the participants can prepare themselves without restrictions. The Bremen Philharmonic Orchestra in the form of a string quartet with solo strings, will accompany the competition in this altered form and play together with the finalists in the main concert hall of “Die Glocke”.

Changes for final round:
For the final round with a string quartet from the Bremen Philharmonic Orchestra the following have to be prepared:
• R. Schumann: Piano Quintet E flat major, op. 44
• J. Brahms: Piano Quintet in F minor, op. 34
• D. Shostakovich: Piano Quintet in G minor, op. 57

An additional component of the final round will be a solo work or a cycle or group of works of approximately 20 minutes playing time. This can be freely chosen and can be taken from the prepared competition repertoire.

So we are looking forward to a somewhat different, but still beautiful competition in summer 2021!


Postponement of the competition: 10.-20. July 2021

Following the spread of the Corona virus and the emergency guidelines to curb the epidemic in Germany and around the world, the management of Competition, all of the partners as well as the Landesmusikrat Bremen has decided to postpone the 17th European Piano Competition Bremen.
We are pleased a new date has already been found: 10.-20.7.2021!
The 71 already admitted participants of the 17th European Piano Competition Bremen are then invited again to demonstrate their skills in the Sendesaal Bremen and in the Bremer Glocke.
This date is subject to all risks arising from the current crisis situation.

Thanks to the continued support of participants, sponsors, our audience and of course the partners of the competition, we will then certainly be able to celebrate a wonderful 17th European Piano Competition Bremen!
Take care of yourself and your loved ones!


Current information about the coronavirus

The management of the European Piano Competition Bremen keeps itself constantly informed about the development of the measures taken at national and international level to contain the COVID-19 virus. At present, we are still planning to hold the competition in May 2020, but we will only be able to carry out a more precise risk assessment at the beginning of April and accordingly decide whether the competition can take place.
We ask all participants and guests for patience and hope for a positive development !